Press Release

Palm Bay, FL– Novi-TEC Performance® is taking their carburetor expertise to a new platform. From the company’s on going research and development, Novi-TEC has recently introduced the next evolution of high performance watercraft carburetors with new Generation III booster technology.

After more than a year of testing and race proven results, the new Novi-Tec Generation III booster venturi is ready for release. It is designed to create the most precise high-flow air/fuel delivery system available. The Novi-Tec Generation III design optimally meters air and fuel flowing into the combustion chambers to produce maximum power at all throttle ranges; virtually eliminating hesitation and bogging, while maximizing combustion efficiency. The new Novi-Tec Generation III booster design offers precise and consistent tuning in all atmospheric conditions and minimizes sonic wave reverse fueling effects. The new design offers maximum performance by maintaining a high flow capacity for today’s large displacement engines.

The new Novi-Tec PWC carburetor with Generation III booster technology is virtually a mechanical “Smart Carb.”

For more information on the new NOVI-TEC Performance high-performance carburetors with Generation III Sonic Booster technology call (321) 725-4311 or visit